Ichmul (Ich Muul), “the place of little hills”, is a small town located in the state of Yucatan, in the heart of the forest. The only economical practice there is agriculture, and men in the community do all the work. The population is 893 people, 432 of them are women.

Embroidery is a family tradition that the women in this community learn since childhood, thirty-two of them practice this work full time. They called themselves “Nicte-Há” a Mayan term that means “Water Flower”.

The women in Nicte-Há are very detail-oriented, investing the skill of their hands and all of their hearts in each piece they create. Every design is unique, because each one tells a different story. Every flower they stitch holds a profound meaning: they are graphic narratives of their dreams and greatest passions.

With their characteristic attention to detail, honoring the artistic tradition of their ancestors, the women of Nicte-Há create unique pieces, with an impressive quality, which showcase the harmony between design, materials and the millenary tradition of embroidery of southeast Mexico.