Hilando México is a social and artistic project, filled with passion; it fuses the artistic richness of our Mexican roots with the trends of the world today. Women from the town of Ichmul, Yucatán embroider and create unique pieces, which combine the cultural heritage of the work of Mexican artisans – with its dazzling ornaments and colors – and the sophistication of modern aesthetics. Design meets artistic experience, delights the eye and plucks the heart’s strings.

With the highest standards of quality and design, Hilando México creates furniture and home accessories that promote Mexican craftsmanship on a national and international level.

Weaving dreams. Weaving talents. Weaving ideas.

Late in 2008, Sally Azar – designer, and founder of Studio Ma Maison – received a visit by Gerardo Castro. He described a community called Nicte-Há, in the state of Yucatán. The women of this town are embroiders, their talent and craftsmanship was evident. When Sally met them, she recognized a great potential and the opportunity to help the community through guidance and the development of commercial products.

Sally selected high quality threads and fabrics and Gerardo brought them to the artisans to begin their work. Months later, when the first finished work was delivered to her, Sally was charmed by what she saw, and realized she had found a new life project. From that moment, she devoted herself with passion to this new challenge, working with the help of Margaret Bissu and Alejandra Salazar.

After more than three years of journeys between the Yucatan and Mexico City, experimenting and creating, Sally became more and more delighted with the talent of the artisans of Ichmul: Juana Francisca, Julia, Bacilia, Luciana, Roberta, Epitacia, Rebeca, Marcelina… among many others.

The original designs of their huipiles were digitalized and reinterpreted to give them a more modern look. Color pallets, textiles and other materials were selected according to current design trends. In this stage of the project, students from Centro School of Design, Film and tTelevision participated in the project as their community service.

In 2012 Hilando México was created. In the same year the project had its first collaboration: Valentina Gonzáles Wohlers — a modern prototype of the classic You and Me chair, based on chairs that can be found in a park in the city of Valladolid, gateway to Ichmul. The result is the “Confident” collection, chairs that invite conversation between two people.

Through the years Sally has worked passionately, manifesting, with respect, her love for Mexican traditional handwork.

The project has had, from the beginning, the collaboration of different talents like photographers, designers and architects, meeting one of its objectives: to be a platform of creation for different disciplines related to the design world.

Today, Hilando México continues innovating and creating, joining together the cultural richness of the work of Mexican artisans with modern design, and showcasing the work of the women of Ichmul.